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Member Testimonials

We love our members.

The loud ones, the quite ones, the go hard and fast ones, the back of the room ones, the younger ones, the older ones, the rock up everyday rain, cyclone or shine ones.

NE Fitness for NE Body

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The coaches are careful and direct in their approach to training, creating an environment that you can feel safe and included in. Plainly put, they have a loud presence as coaches and mentors. 



It's like personal training in a group with people that really care.



The constantly changing classes keep things fresh & interesting and the coaches are super supportive and great at explaining each movement. They'll push you when needed and help you develop. On Top of that the gym is full on likeminded and friendly people that really make it feel like a community.

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I joined after seeing the awesome vibe and how supportive everyone was. The classes are brilliant, most importantly you’re not just a number in a members list. The coaches are always there to support us. It’s a great way to start the day when you feel like you’ve kicked some goals after a tough workout….also the protein shakes are pretty sweet too



I enjoy going to NE Fitness Broome as I like the consistency and healthy lifestyle balance they offer. The coaches always have my back! 



I have never been to a gym before that I've actually seen results. Not only have I lost weight since joining, I've never been so strong and I am able to do things I never thought were possible. I love the gym, I love the coaches and I love the community!! Thankyou Ryan and Sam

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I hate exercise but I get up at 4:30am every Friday because Ryan is such an awesome PT. I still hate exercise but lordy he's gonna get me into that red carpet dress biatches. 46 is the new 26, yeah baby! xx



I've been to a lot of gyms in Australia but NE Fitness is in a class of it's own. From the first day I felt so welcome, Ryan & Sam are warm, knowledgeable, & supportive coaches who surely know how to kick your ass in just the right way. I love the community, coming to class is not a chore, it's like meeting with friends for a workout!



NE Fitness has transformed me from a person who could never commit to a fitness routine & avoided gyms, to someone who actually enjoys working out, in fact I look forward to going in each week! This wouldn't have been possible without the amazing coaches and the supportive community.

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